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Why Hempcrete?



Health & Wellness

  • Hempcrete is non toxic in building assemblies.

  • Naturally mold and mildew resistant

  • Breathing

  • Self regulating to 55% humidity year round.

Energy Efficiency

  • Hempcrete creates an indoor environment that goes far beyond it's very high R-value

  • High thermal mass stores energy and keeps indoor temperatures stable

  • Regulating moisture and temperature making air conditioning unnecessary.



  • Non combustible

  • Highest fire rating


  • Lime render finishes in a wide range of tints and sheens

  • Great acoustic performance

  • Wide range of textures are possible



The super high carbon pollution associated with building construction is choking and baking our planet and will soon lead to irreversible climate damage. Toxic plastics are killing our oceans and microplastics permeate our bodies through the water we drink and bathe in.

Reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and petroleum derived materials in the construction and operation of buildings is of immense importance.

It is wrong to use a big unnecessary array of petro-chemically derived materials which cannot be disposed of safely to build a house intended to reduce energy consumption in order to help the environment. The term for that is "Green-washing"!

Our preference is to design and build in a way that works to exclude toxic petrochemicals from buildings.

We have a number of exciting property offerings in the Hudson Valley now and are developing more including our Econological designs which will make modern, open plan healthy homes accessible at lower prices to more people.

Look for our design renderings on this site.

Thank you and stay healthy!


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